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    When you decide to move to another city, state, or for that matter even overseas, one of the services that you will invariably require is that of a car transport company. Earlier, people used to pack up their belongings and drive down to their destination. However, these days, excess luggage and usually more than one car, makes driving not a viable option. Many people also wish to take their car along on vacation, so that they can drive around, and have more flexibility. In such cases, the services of a car transport company are a blessing in disguise.

    The Condition Report is a part of the Bill of Lading. The Condition Report documents the condition of your vehicle at the time the Driver takes custody of it. Before the Driver loads your vehicle, he will fill out a Condition Report that will note the condition of the vehicle at the time he receives it. The Shipper or authorized agent will need to verify the notations made and sign that you are in agreement with them. The Shipper should receive a copy of this Condition Report before the vehicle leaves the point of origin. Claims of damage at destination will be based on the condition of your vehicle, as reported, before it was transported.

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    Familiarizing yourself with the different ways that you can transport vehicles is something that can be useful in the future. This is because you can never really tell when it can be useful to you. Anyone can be easily relocated in another place and with globalization today, this can happen a lot easier today.

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