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    Generally your State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) requires that all vehicles must have insurance to be on public road ways. If your car is already insured, then you are on your way! We do not require you to purchase additional insurance; we just recommend that you have insurance in place at the time your vehicle is being transported. In addition, if the car was damaged directly by the carrier during transport, then the auto carrier‘s insurance would be responsible. Rest assured, when shipping your auto you are 100% covered!

    This inspection can help in avoiding troubles down the road, not to point out that it is a good idea to be familiar with your car. Loose moldings and the like have a propensity to take the air off in shipping, thus causing likely break to your vehicle or to others on the same load. Leaking fluids could also be a harm to the wellbeing of your car and/or the car below it. Please do you have any and all repairs done before transport.

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    If you need the services of auto transporters, you must be able to identify which of the many companies out there will be the most appropriate for you in all aspects. You need to consider the rate, the kind of carrier and the length of time for the service to be completed. There are several choices in the industry whenever there is a need for car shipping, mainly because there are assortments of auto transport companies in the market. It is to your full advantage if you know how to choose for the right one, and this can be through the proper knowledge on the secrets and facts of auto transporters.

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