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    The most important part of shipping your motorcycle is making sure that it is protected. Each transportation company should have coverage that protects your motorcycle throughout the entire trip. If you are not sure what type of coverage you should inquire about, ask about Transit Coverage. Transit Coverage covers the value of your bike based on your needs. On average, carrier liability can range around 60 cents per pound, up to full value of your motorcycle. Your motorcycle will only be covered based off the damages incurred by the carrier during the shipment process.

    Check and make sure that the auto company you are using has insurance to cover the loss of the car and that the insurance is enough to cover the full replacement cost of your car. Note if there is any deductible that you must pay if something goes wrong. Also note that your own insurance policy could cover your car in transport, so check with them as well. Make sure that the insurance not only covers damage to your car in transit, but also the potential theft of the vehicle.

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    Get a quote to see the cost of transportation. Auto shipping quotes of every company will have different auto shipping rates. Therefore, when you get quotes from different companies that specialize in the type of services you are looking for, then it is time for you to compare their quotes in order to find the company that is offering the lowest rates on the services you are interested in. Comparing quotes is a great way to find cheap car shipping services, so make sure not to forget this step.

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