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    Many companies will want some kind of down payment before services are provided. This is common and is to be expected. A big mistake that people make is that they pay too much money upfront. Before the auto is shipped a company usually charges a deposit of ten to twenty five percent of the total shipping cost. The remaining amount is paid once the vehicle is delivered. Anything more then this cost upfront is something to be aware of. If a company wants the full price paid before the car is shipped it is best to move on to another company.

    The inspection policy of the most car transport companies finishes with the exterior of your car. Get knowledge if the insurance covers CD players, GPS systems, after market improvements. If it is possible remove these items.

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    Consider timing. If the item being shipped doesnt have any urgency, its a good idea to ship ground. Shipping large packages long distances can be very expensive and not really worth it when the item that is being mailed wont be used for a few weeks anyway. Even small businesses can take advantage of cheaper shipping by stating that they use ground shipping and that customers can pay more to upgrade to faster shipping options.

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