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    Pay attention to the different opportunities that open up when it comes to getting their services. Sometimes there are discounts, coupons and special rates that they offer which you can use to your advantage. These can significantly decrease the prices of their products and services which is a good thing for you. All you need to do is make sure that you keep your eyes peeled for these little gold mines waiting to be discovered.

    Evaluate your Classic Car - Get your classic car evaluated before you ship it. A complete evaluation of your classic car will help you understand the condition of the car. Because the car requires transportation, it is better to fix the minor problems before you get it transported. Also, make sure to get your car cleaned before you ship it.

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    Having personal belongings in your vehicle can cause several liability and safety concerns. Please remember to remove your personal belongings prior to shipping for your own protection. Vehicles are frequently left unlocked while in transit in order to facilitate inspection as well as loading and offloading, and while theft is extremely rare, it is certainly a possibility if you leave an unlocked vehicle unattended with valuables. Additionally, unsecured items cause additional weight and may damage other vehicles if they exit the vehicle, with you being left liable for any damages.

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